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The use of this website is governed by a number of rules. By using the website and/or any applications that are directly or indirectly linked thereto, you expressly agree to the applicability and content of the terms and conditions set out below.

All information on our website has been compiled with the utmost care and the website is updated on a daily basis. Yet, it is possible that such information is incomplete, inaccurate or at any time dated. We First excludes all liability for direct or indirect damage or loss, of any nature whatsoever, which arises from and/or is related to the use of this website. This includes the temporary unavailability of the site for reference purposes. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss arising from the use of information obtained through this website.

We First may at any time change and/or deny access to the information on the website.


Some hyperlinks on this website lead to third-party websites over which We First has no control. We do not give any warranty that the information on such website(s) is complete and/or accurate. The presence of hyperlinks to third-party websites does not mean that we sponsor or endorse their content.


Our website displays all tweets with the subject @WeFirstBranding. Our twitter feed shows all messages directly, as they appear on www.twitter.com as well. We have no control over the content of these tweets and therefore do not accept any liability for the content of the tweets displayed.

Comments on blogs

We First does not check the content of any third-party comments posted on the website before they are placed on it and therefore cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy, illegality or poor quality of any content of comments placed. We First reserves the right to remove comments that are offensive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or otherwise contrary to the law.

Complaints procedure

Complaints about the content of our website, including the comments thereon that are placed on the site, can be made by emailing Contact@WeFirstBranding.com and these are handled in accordance with the complaints procedure.

Every user of our website may use the above email to report content or information that could infringe their rights and/or that may be unlawful with regard to them.

After a notification, We First will endeavor to remove the allegedly infringing and/or unlawful information as soon as possible, whether temporarily or otherwise, if the notification shows, in all reasonableness, that the information is clearly of an infringing and/or unlawful nature. Only fully completed complaint forms will be taken into consideration.

We First is at all times entitled not to grant a request to remove information, or not to grant it entirely, if We First is of the opinion that the relevant information is clearly not of an infringing and/or unlawful nature. We First is not liable for any damage or loss or costs, of any nature whatsoever, which a user and/or a third party may suffer or incur when We First exercises that power.

The user who reports any infringement and/or unlawfulness agrees to indemnify We First against all third-party claims of whatever nature in connection with the removal of the content and/or information.

Intellectual Property

This website and all image and/or audio material made by us and posted on this website are subject to intellectual property rights. Users of our website may view the material and use it for personal purposes. Any other use, in the broadest sense, is permitted only subject to the prior written consent of We First or the consent of third parties that We First has expressly recognized as the owners of the relevant material.

Privacy Statement

When you use certain applications on this website, you may in some cases be requested to provide personal data, such as your name and/or email address. Such data are used only in the context of the relevant application. If you comment on a blog, your name and email address are posted there. If you send us an email, we use your data to reply to your email. We do not store or use your data for purposes other than the application and/or the purpose for which you have left your data. Nor do we provide your data to any third parties, except where there is a statutory obligation for us to make the relevant data available to the competent authorities.

Stored Data

If you want to know which of your data have been stored, please send an email to amswebsite@wk.com. By using this email address, you can also request the correction or deletion of your data.


We First ensures that there will be appropriate technical security of the website and the personal data stored thereon.

Other websites

Our website contains links, through hyperlinks to third-party websites and social networks, for example. We First has no control over or influence on the content and privacy policies of such website(s). On such website(s), the user is subject to the privacy policy of the administrator of those sites. We First therefore accepts no liability for any damage or loss, or for unlawfulness of any kind, caused by such website(s) or the administrator thereof.

Amendments to privacy statement

We First may at any time make any additions or amendments to this privacy statement.