Case Study: Desk Yogi


Brand Story
Website Creative Direction


As a high-growth start-up in the increasingly competitive corporate wellness space, Desk Yogi sought to establish and communicate a proprietary brand story that would position the company for long-term growth. Also, Desk Yogi wanted to share its value proposition in a clear and meaningful way online to encourage new client acquisition.


Desk Yogi was at a critical stage of its launch lifecycle and required a strong brand story to not only establish it as a ‘must have’ solution to corporate wellness, but also as a leader in reframing the workplace as an everyday health opportunity and experience.


We First crafted a purposeful and future-oriented brand story that conveys its unique offerings, vision and impact with a view to engaging stakeholders, inspiring clients and building awareness of its industry leadership. We First also provided key recommendations for restructuring Desk Yogi’s website to ensure it caters to both B2B and B2C audiences.


A powerful and consistent brand expression for Desk Yogi’s current and future stakeholders, with the flexibility to pivot into emerging health and wellness categories.