Case Study: TOMS


Brand Story Definition
Anthem Film
Launch Campaign
Stakeholder workshop

"We First is that unique partner that is as passionate as we are about business as a force for good. Through an intense period of work where Simon served as interim CMO, the We First team helped us evolve the “why” behind our One for One model. Their strategic, creative and collaborative muscle helped us get to an exciting new place for the brand so we can continue to deliver on our mission of improving lives."

Blake Mycoskie
Founder & Chief Show Giver


TOMS was looking to explain the ‘Why’ behind its famous ‘One for One’ business model and to create a launch campaign that would inspire existing customers and enlist new ones across its expanded product categories.


Many other brands are now leading with purpose in the fashion and lifestyle categories, and there are also many ‘One for One’ model businesses.


Building on a leadership workshop, We First created a proprietary brand story that explains TOMS’ ‘Why,’ collaborated on an anthem film to launch the new positioning, and provided creative direction for TOMS’ first global advertising launch campaign.


TOMS is now positioned with a clear brand story that solidifies its position as the leader of the social enterprise movement, as well as an anthem film and launch campaign to rally employees, customers and communities around the world to drive business growth and social impact.