Case Study: Tupperware


Cultural Leadership Definition
Cultural Leadership Webinars
Internal Storytelling Workshops
Global Associates Workshops


Tupperware Brands sought to reaffirm its leadership within the relationship-based selling category by rallying its Associates and 3-million strong Sales Force around its mission of empowering women.


The company has a decentralized business model and regional complexity, elaborating the challenge a time when women’s empowerment was becoming a crowded space.


In collaboration with FUTUREBRAND and their brand story work, We First provided brand story workshops at Tupperware Headquarters in the US as well as for regional leadership in Austria and Singapore, defined the cultural conversation that Tupperware Brands should lead, and provided a roadmap for the integration of its new story across the company with employees and its Sales Force.


Tupperware Brands received strategic guidance for how to lead a global cultural conversation, as well as tools and training for its global marketing teams and Associates.