10 Things Honda Got Right In Their Holiday Giving Campaign

Honda launched a giving campaign this week that brings together unexpected elements to capture attention and inspire consumer participation. Here are ten things that help make the campaign effective.

1. UNDERSTAND YOUR CUSTOMER: Honda clearly recognizes that while the holidays are traditionally a time of giving, this is more important than ever to well-informed Boomers who prefer to buy products from brands that support environmental or social causes (See Nielsen’s report for the latest data on this).

2. CO-CREATE THE STORY: By hosting a competition that asks viewers to help different videos get the most views, Honda ensures customers feel like they have a role to play in which charity receives the $50,000 donation.

3. GET CREATIVE: A mash-up of iconic 80’s toys, charitable giving, and Honda is a recipe that captures attention. And the humor they bring to the videos ensures viewers want to share them.

4. GET PERSONAL: By choosing 80’s toys as the device through which to capture attention, Honda taps into deep associations that their target has with these toys to drive initial interest and sharing.

5. MIX AND MATCH: By pitting the various toys against each other in the context of a competition, Honda taps into viewer’s desire to see their favorite toy win, again inspiring participation.

6. WHY SO SERIOUS? In the midst of many earnest messages around giving, the brand brings some fun to participation and also shows that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

7. BROADEN YOUR APPEAL: By giving viewers a choice of non-profits to support, they ensure that there is something for everyone so that all viewers have a reason to watch and share the videos rather than dismiss them.

8. PRODUCT INTEGRATION: The brand did weave in some product integration (see the G.I.Joe and Jem video) but did so in a way that you can be forgiven.

9. STAY FOCUSED: Too many giving campaigns shoot themselves in the foot because they talk about their contribution in a self-directed way. Honda wisely chose to end each video still focused on the competition and contribution it can make, rather than talk about itself.

10. SPARK A CONVERSATION: Judging by the comments on the videos, the mash-up of 80’s toys inspired a lot of fun engagement around who is everyone’s favorite toys and how the toys relate with each other, showing how pop culture appeal can amplify interest in a giving campaign.

In spirit of the holiday giving, be sure to watch the videos so that your favorite non-profit gets the support they so deserve these holidays. The holiday season will not doubt be cluttered with giving messages, and its great to see a brand using creativity to the advantage of non-profits.

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