A must-read on the way social technologies will change our lives from Kleiner Perkins

Each year KPCB comes out with one of the most respected reports regarding internet trends and their implications for business and our lives. It was just updated last week and I wanted to make sure you got a chance to see it. Be sure to go through the whole report specific to your industry but here are 10 facts that jumped out to me:
1. Slide 5 – Internet usage growth is being driven by emerging markets led by China and India (USA was #10).
2. Slide 7 & 11- China and the US lead smartphone subscribers penetration with lots of room to grow.
3. Slide 10 – iPad usage had exploded leaving the iPhone and iPod in its dust.
4. Slide 11 – Android phone adoption is outstripping iPhone to a factor of 6.
5. Slide 15 – Global mobile traffic is has reached 13% of internet traffic.
6. Slide 17 – Mobile App and Advertising revenue is exploding.
7. Slide 19 – There’s a huge opportunity in mobile advertising that has not yet been realized.
8. Slide 25 – Global smartphone and tablet shipments now well exceed PC’s.
9. Slide 54 – Global digital information created and shared grew 9 times in the last 5 years.
10. Slide 85 – The USA is tenth compared to other countries in terms of debt/GDP ratio.
KPCB does a really great job of re-imagining almost every industry from computing to to health to photography and seen together these is an incredibly useful snapshot of the technology space as it stand today with data to back each trend up.
Finally, their predictions (above) as to the future are not to be ignored, especially when taken together. Here is a slide that summaries the changes predicted. Which facts or changes were the most surprising or relevant to your industry?
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