Anyone who says the mobile marketing revolution is coming is wrong. It’s here.

As the days when social media was pegged as a fad drift from memory, mobile advertising has risen to take its place. Will mobile ads be effective, what ad format works best, who will win the mobile payments battle and why? Yet a quick glance at the infographic by Luma (above) should be enough to assure anyone that mobile advertising (like Social TV)is already a force that will reshape the marketplace and consumer spending. And, if there was any lingering doubt, the numbers below should dispel it.

eMarketer’s new global mobile ad forecast is $6.43 billion in 2012, rising to staggering $23.6 billion in 2016. Which prompts three questions that every business or brand must answer today:

1. Is your brand and its marketing actively pivoting for the mobile-driven marketplace?

2. Is your website mobile-friendly and is the content through which you promote your products and services optimized for smartphones and mobile advertising?

3. Is your  marketing strategy being reconfigured with mobile advertising and social shopping as the key drivers rather than traditional media?

As the half-life of technology stinks, so too does consumer adoption. Mobile advertising is already here. There is no time to waste and much to lose if you your brand doesn’t respond.

Do you believe mobile advertising will reshape your business and, if so, how?