Cannes International Advertising Festival: Where social media and the future of advertising meet (Part 1)

I’m really excited to be speaking at the Cannes International Advertising Festival this year and wanted to share some of the seminars that I’m looking forward to.

I’ll give a snapshot of what each is about so that you get a sense of what issues the industry is addressing. Plus, if you’re going, this should be a helpful guide as to what to see.

LBi: Lorenzo Wood & Chris Clarke, ‘Newfound Powers: the Privatization of Social Engineering’ This talk looks at the often unrecognized power of social engineering and the impact of digital technology on expectations of quality, public decision making and policy design.

Details: Sunday, June 20th, 10a.m.

TribalDDB: Matt RossHelen Martin, The Meek Have Inherited The Earth This seminar dramatizes the transformative power of social media thoughout business and popular culture featuring first hand feedback from a global client, Hasbros.

Details: Sunday, June 20th, 3 p.m.

SapientNitro: Laura McFarlane, Ian Maskell, Nathaniel Perez, “Customers Are From Mars, Brands Are From Venus. Experience Brings The Romance Back Into Media‘ This seminar explores the new era of customer control and how to leverage it by creating experiences that capture social and viral advocacy right in the moment.

Details: Friday, June 25th, 10 a.m.

Publicis & Contagious: Richard Pinder, Paul Kemp-Robertson, Jess Greenwood, ‘The Contagious Conversation’ This seminar explores the creativity and effectiveness behind contagious conversations that penetrate far deeper than mere viral sensations.

Details: Tuesday, June 22nd, 4 p.m.

DDB: Kent Demaine, DDB Worldwide Presents Welcome to The New World Here, we hear a vision of the future from one of Hollywood’s leading thinkers who shares how advertisers can create in-world multi-faceted experiences to deepen brand/consumer relationships.

Details: Thursday, June 24th, 11 a.m.

Finally here’s a snapshot of what Alec and I will be talking about. Alec Ross is Senior Advisor for Innovation at the Office of the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Alec not only spearheads the use of technology, new media and 21-st century communications in the service of America’s diplomatic and developmental goals for the U.S. State Dept., he also co-founded One Economy that became the world’s largest digital divide organization with programs on four continents prior to joining President Obama’s administration.

The sponsor for our seminar is InterCulture that does wonderful work in the social change space. InterCulture brings together specialists in education, technology, cultural diplomacy and branding (including myself) to bridge communities, states or countries in conflict and foster understanding, compassion and tolerance – really important work in today’s world.

So the topic for the seminar is called, ‘The How Of Social Media: Make Or Break Lessons In Today’s Most Powerful Instrument Of Change.’ Alec and I will outline the power, potential and most effective ways to use social media to bring about change whether that be to elect a President, launch a brand, sell a product or support a cause. Critical to our discussion will be the role of brands and the advertising industry in this process to demonstrate how critical their contribution can be in positively transforming not just the lives of others but also the future of our industry.

Details: Sunday, June 20th, 5 p.m.

So if you are attending the Festival, please join us and look out for Part 2 of this guide next week. As always, fire away with any questions.