Doing well by doing good by the numbers

Making the business case for doing good is absolutely critical to meaningful shift in corporate behavior to address our current economic crises and build a better world. fortunately that is easier than ever thanks to great new research and resources being made available by like-minded institutions.

1. The first resource I want to share is the infographic above put together by the great folks at Made For Good, that describes itself as a catalyst for collaboration committed to paying it forward. made for Good partners with non-profit to enable substantive change and this infographic is a great snapshot of how brands must embrace social responsibility of they hope to be meaningful to their customers lives.

2. As the largest PR firm in the world, you won’t find greater research credibility than from Edelman PR. What’s more their GoodPurpose report is a treasure trove of insights into today’s consumer and his or here expectations from brands. You can download the report here and it is an invaluable annual global study exploring attitudes around social purpose. Plus here is an interview with Carol Cone and Mitch Markson discussing the conclusions of the report.

3. Thirdly, here is a new global report from Havas Media on Meaningful Brands across 14 markets that lists the Top 20 global brands according to their index. This includes fascinating statistics about consumer sentiment that bolster the case for the other two sources above. Plus it includes some really useful infographics like this one below.

4. Finally here is a fantastic new report from longtime leader in the Cause Marketing space, Cone Inc. Their 2011 Cause evolution study include fantastic insights such as 83% of Americans wish more products, services and retailers would support a cause. You can get a download of the full report here.

By leveraging the research and data in these reports it is far easier to make the business case for social change in a way that can engage the attention of leadership, employees and customers. By embracing the current economic challenges and assuming some part of our shared responsibility for providing a solution, we can definitely remake our world.

Are there any other reports you would want to share? What do you think is the greatest obstacle to business acting on such research?