Due to Thanksgiving, something special for you from We First

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I had a fantastic time in Australia with my Mum. So this morning I just caught up with a bunch of emails and requests from folks saying they missed the Social Branding Blueprint special offer because they were away for Thanksgiving.

So to be fair we’re making the offer available again for three days, and that includes the free two tickets (one for a non-profit) to our next live training seminar next April in Los Angeles, the 3 free Q&A teleseminars between now and then, and the non-profit online training pass to give away to a cause you care about. It’s $11,000 in value for $1997 and this is the last time we’ll ever be offering this because there’s only a certain number of seats we can give away to our live event (they normally cost $1997 each).

So if you missed it and want to get the offer click here now as it just re-opened. And with all the data about mobile and social shopping around Grey Thursday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s absolutely crazy important to be a mobile, social brand now.

In case you want more detail of what the course covers, here is a breakdown. Just click on each image to get a larger view of what each training module cover. And remember you get both the physical training kit and online program when you order this special offer now. Needless to say, please don’t wait any longer as this is it for this launch offer.