Finally! #WeFirst Social Branding Blueprint available today with very special offer!

Imagine the business you could build…

The bigger stages you could speak on…

The thousands of extra people you could train…

The countless word of mouth referrals…

The companies, projects and customers you could serve…

if you got the same marketing support as the top brands in the world.

That’s why today – for the first time ever – we’re launching a brand new video training program that does just that called the We First Social Branding Blueprint.

After 15 years in corporate life I became an entrepreneur 3 years ago, and the lessons I had learned consulting to Fortune 100 brands on their marketing as well as the community that supports We First, made all the difference to its rapid success. I realized then that most entrepreneurs, whether your a speaker, consultant, advisor, trainer, healer or author or start-up, don’t have access to these insights or expertise because they couldn’t afford a big ad agency. But that means they are being unfairly penalized and left to feel lost, overwhelmed or confused by the changing marketplace and technology.

We First is committed to changing that by providing a simple, affordable and step-by-step program that shows solo-prenuers and small businesses how to define their brand, tell that story in a community-facing face and what social media strategies, tactics and tools to used based on the best practices of the smartest brands in the world like Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, IBM and Proctor & Gamble.

So the program launches today with a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and here’s what the Social Branding Blueprint includes:

– 8-DVD set with more than 20 hours of training on social media strategies, tactics and tools that help you build your REPUTATION, PROFITS and SOCIAL IMPACT.

– 80-page Social Branding Blueprint Workbook that examines the best practices of the smartest brands in the world and shows you how to apply them to YOUR business.

– Slides Booklet with over 300 presentation slides that allow you to build a strategic  Blueprint SPECIFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS based on REAL CASE STUDIES and RESULTS.

– Complete Training Transcripts of the entire course to save you work and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

– EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP to our online Social Branding Training Portal with extra bonus training videos, downloadable worksheets, and surprise content PLUS a community forum for your questions and collaboration with peers.

So if you’re a solo-preneur or small business and overwhelmed by social media, this training program will make it simple with an actionable program that’s easy to follow. If you’ve been using social media but feel stuck, the Blueprint shows you how to build a customer community that will actually grow your business with you. If you’ve had some social media success but seem to have hit a glass ceiling, the program reveals the most critical next steps you must take to become a leading brand in your category. No matter your level of experience, the Social Branding Blueprint™ provides you with the support you need to get the success you deserve. Here are just a couple of testimonials to that effect:

“The We First program exceeded any pre-conceived expectations I had. You’ll see a direct impact on your business or cause almost immediately.” Zack Swire, CEO eGood

“The content is fantastic, carefully designed, and you end up with a clear map of what to do and how to do it as opposed to just inspiring information.”
 Javier Rodriguez, Group Marketing Sustainability Director, The Coca-Cola Company

“What I got was so much better than I could have ever imagined: not just a fresh, radically improved brand, but a complete platform to differentiate myself for years to come. I recommend it 1000%. ” Chuck Wall, CEO Customer


1. An extra online training access pass to give to their favorite non-profit (value $2000).

2. Exclusive invitation to 3 teleseminars with me to discuss your business.

3.  Two free tickets to the We First Social Branding seminar in April 2013 (value $4000, one ticket for you and one for a non-profit).

This Blueprint means you can stop feeling stuck, anxious or overwhelmed by social media, and start feeling what it’s like when the market, technology and your customers all work together to ensure your success. Plus you’ll make a powerful contribution to a non-profit and to building a better world. Don’t miss out on this special promotion and get your Blueprint now.