Gary Vee on arrogance, ad agencies and what brands need to know.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at Connect Now in Australia with some great people including @garyvee @briansolis @debs @missrogue @huxley @silkcharm @fibendall @worldnomads and @problogger (all great people to follow). We learned a lot from each other and the conference was a huge success so congrats to @SiobahnBilfun.

At one point Gary and I stepped outside and discussed something you don’t hear a lot about. The right of a brand to be arrogant in the social space. We hear a lot about a brand’s need to listen, to respond selflessly and to celebrate their community, but where do you draw the line between the brand and its community? Here are Gary’s answers that are sure to provoke and inspire.

What are your thoughts – can a brand ever be arrogant?