Gary Vee’s ‘Crush It’: Facebook, Twitter and social media marketing that makes money

I was speaking at the Connect Now conference with Gary Vaynerchuk a couple of weeks ago and he kindly gave me a signed copy of ‘Crush It!’ to pass on to someone. That’s him signing it below. It’s a truly inspirational read which exhorts you to “cash in on your passion.”

‘Crush It!’ is written with all the energy and bravado that Gary offers when he speaks – no fluff, all honesty. From strategies on building your personal brand to step-by-step marketing advice on how to utilize platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to propel your online persona, ‘Crush It!’ illustrates the new age of business, and how to make it work for you in a way that escapes corporate marketing and celebrates the entrepreneur.

Gary is a breath – actually, a storm – of fresh air with equally fresh ideas in the marketing space. Something that is truly needed to help the marketing world make the necessary transition into the social web space.

I’ll send out this signed copy to someone who leaves a comment in the next week. And if you want more of Gary, check out the interview we did about arrogance, ad agencies and the one thing brands need to know. As always, thanks for the support.