Gary Vee’s ‘Crush It’: Facebook, Twitter and social media marketing that makes money

Simon Mainwaring / Advertising / 9 years ago

I was speaking at the Connect Now conference with Gary Vaynerchuk a couple of weeks ago and he kindly gave me a signed copy of ‘Crush It!’ to pass on to someone. That’s him signing it below. It’s a truly inspirational read which exhorts you to “cash in on your passion.”

‘Crush It!’ is written with all the energy and bravado that Gary offers when he speaks – no fluff, all honesty. From strategies on building your personal brand to step-by-step marketing advice on how to utilize platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to propel your online persona, ‘Crush It!’ illustrates the new age of business, and how to make it work for you in a way that escapes corporate marketing and celebrates the entrepreneur.

Gary is a breath – actually, a storm – of fresh air with equally fresh ideas in the marketing space. Something that is truly needed to help the marketing world make the necessary transition into the social web space.

I’ll send out this signed copy to someone who leaves a comment in the next week. And if you want more of Gary, check out the interview we did about arrogance, ad agencies and the one thing brands need to know. As always, thanks for the support.


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  1. Avatar helen milner says:

    I can only imagine how Gary's book will read after being at ConnectNow – He is a great speaker with a power pack of inspiration and giant punks of passion. He has no qualms about saying its hard work but his trick is it's not work it's what he loves. No wonder he is so successful. Do what you love.

  2. Avatar Mary Biever says:

    Just finished a 14 hour day after reading Crush It and realized this is part of doing what it takes to make it with new technology.

  3. I already own the book (and have read it)….LOVED IT. His book and your post (“The bonds that binds us…”) were the inspiration for my blog. I'd like to eventually put Gary's advice to work in a different way, but my little blog is what works right now. Hopefully you can find a deserving home for the signed copy of Crush It!

    PS – That is a fantastic picture. Totally captures Gary's crazy energy. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Helen. It's so true what he says. If you love what you do it's not work.

  5. Congrats. I know how you feel. It's good and bad – but still good. Thanks, Simon

  6. Definitely. So glad you found a way to marry both our thinking. It's a privilege to be a part of it! I really hope you're well and congrats on your blog.


  7. Hey Simon,
    I enjoyed your Tweet on “Crush It.” I just became familiar with Gary V through the On-Line Music Marketing Class through Berklee Music. That man certainly has stamina as well as vision. I lost my media marketing/sales job due to a merger a little over a year ago. I've spent a huge chunk of this time on-line researching and studying as much as possible Social Media, Optimization, gathering, interpreting and leveraging analytics. I must say that it has been overwhelming! How is it that other people have become experts on these subjects? I can't imagine that they've spent anymore time or energy, and yet I feel there is no catching up. How does one move out of the steepest part and get ahead of the learning curve like Gary? I've not read his book, but I would love too. Thanks, and btw, I enjoy your posts on Twitter.

  8. It is a lot of work and also a lot of expertise being wielded about. I guess it's just a question of who's been working with brands to build social media campaigns that worked. Anyway, it's such early days this is normal. The work you are doing will pay off for sure. Best, simon

  9. Avatar Miriam says:

    Simon I always enjoy what you post next. It has taken over Seth Godins for me 😉 Gary's genuine zestiness is contageous! (I have to say you guys did brilliant chipmunks voices too with the balloon act.) Gary is a great speaker. Being ourselves and sharing whatever little or large nuggets we have is great stuff. He is an inspiration and so are you. Keep the spirit alive!

  10. Will do and thanks so much for the support. I think gary's great. He's direct, honest and calls a spade a shovel. And that is so needed in the marketing world. Glad you're enjoying the posts. All the best, Simon

  11. Hi Simon great post, I love that the give away is centered around comments aka engagement rather than more quantitative measures like retweets etc

    I'm a recently converted Gary V fanboy – As you've said Garry V has great energy and this book is written in a way that unloads all his enthusiasm. I just bought the audiobook and just wanted to say to all those who aren't lucky enough to win Your signed copy of “Crush It” – I highly recommend purchasing the audiobook, as it really let's Gary V express himself. He jumps off script a number of times and just freestyles, which is amazing!

    I think this vid is pretty much a summary of the books main message

    This is a wicked vid which gives

  12. Great, Sam. Glad the interview was helpful. And yes, Gary is the injection of straight talking smarts the marketing business needs. Best, Simon