Good Works! Your practical guide to corporate good initiatives

It’s rare to find a book that is equal parts inspiring and practical. Good Works! by Phillip Kotler, David Hessekiel, and Nancy Lee is that rare read that shows you just how much is possible as an individual and a corporation, and what real value that can add to your business and our world.

It’s no surprise that We First believes that brand purpose is now a core business imperative, but Good Works! makes the business case for these initiates based on dozens of case studies that include GE, J&J, AT&T, Macy’s, P&G, Fedex, Coca-Cola and beyond. In doing so they clearly illustrate how business can do good in alignment with its company’s core values, so that such efforts reinforce the brand narrative while also doing good.

Not surprising, any brand contemplating such a move wants to know the benefit to them, and that where the book is so useful. The authors clearly demonstrate how good works inspire customer engagement that builds reputation, spire loyalty and drives sales, whether those good works involve employee volunteering or consumer donations. It also does this with a healthy blend of optimism and advice for the cynics, explaining why certain initiates fail and others succeed as a function of your motives.

What I like most is how the authors tease out the various ways that business can do good,  from maing a contribution, to donating employee time, to getting their own house in order to temper the negative externalities of their own business practices.

Good Works! is a must read for corporate officers (whether innovation, HR or leadership officers) seeking to ensure brand relevance, reputation and sales. This is real world intelligence that can empower a brand to embrace its best self and in so doing, inspire its employees and customers to grow its business by building a better world.

You can order Good Works! here and follow author David Hessekiel here.