How McDonald’s is using social media to answer its customers tough questions

McDonald’s Canada recently used social media to provide answers to very tough questions from their customers. They did this in two ways, both of which are instructive of how a brand becomes more open, transparent and accountable.

Firstly, they set up a website through which they will answer all customer questions. Not by an auto-response or driving customers to a text heavy page, but through live social media answers.  Obviously this approach invites the toughest questions. For example, “Why does your food look different in your advertising than in the store?”

Their response to this question was the second fresh approach to customer service using social media. They released the video (below) as to how a photo of a burger is made, prepped and finessed for a photo shoot.

Putting aside debates around the merits of fast food and menu changes, this is a big step for brands like McDonald’s. The video has had over 5 million views and answers customer’s questions in a direct fashion.

Every brand is facing increasing accountability for their products, services and the advertising they use. What’s positive about this example is that the brand is listening and through such dialogue brands can develop products and services of greater mutual benefit. It will take time, but with moves like these by brands like McDonald’s you can be assured that movement is already underway.

Do you think such efforts go far enough? What else would you want to see the brand do?