How to use social media in ways no one else imagined

That’s the thing about what’s new or the latest. You think that just by embracing it you’re doing enough to keep up with the market. But sadly, as the half life of social technology shrinks, the need to stand out even within the context of the latest and greatest is increasingly the only way to earn and keep attention on your brand.

That’s why I love this artful use of Pinterest by perennial news-maker, Uniqlo. Somehow they managed to co-opt social media itself to make your participation part of their design aesthetic, rather than the other way round. By doing so they reinforce their compelling brand image as a design thought leader that is unconventional, street-wise, and one step ahead of the latest and greatest social technology.

So before we get transfixed by the unblinking eyes of the latest shiny squirrel, play with it a bit and discover how to say something unique about ourselves. To that end, here’s three questions to ask yourself:

1. How can a social network be re-purposed to communicate your brand purpose, rather than merely serve as a platform as they define it?

2. How can you introduce content or a sensibility that is outside the parameters set by that social network to ensure you stand out?

3. How does your brand claim ownership of a proposition that always puts you ahead of the competition no matter what technology comes along?

Head-scratchers to be sure, but the answers lead to eye-catching solutions for your brand.