Let Go & Lead: How to engage customers in the social business marketplace

Simon Mainwaring: On Engagement in the Social Marketplace from Let Go & Lead on Vimeo.

I recently had the privilege of being included in Gagen MacDonald’s fantastic ‘Let Go & Lead’ project and the interview just came out so I wanted to share it with you.

‘Let Go & Lead’ is a project to explore the ideas of leadership and transformation in the 21st Century. How can an idea take root in an organization and flourish so that all are focused on the same outcome? How can we inspire those around us to take up an idea and deliver it, bringing the full weight of their gifts to bear on the challenge?

Maril MacDonald engaged thought leaders from different walks of life—in fields as diverse as literature to education, engineering to social psychology— for conversations on what it means to “let go” and lead people to create meaningful, sustainable change.

In all there are twelve leaders who were interviewed including Howard Schultz and Dan Pink, among others. Here are all the interviews and I hope that together they help you steer you organization to greater success and positive impact through inspiring leadership.