My revealing first video (no, really)

Starting this week, I’ll be sharing video interviews on my blog. There’ll also be a few other video options for you to choose from (just click on the red tabs under the video player to your right). There are five to choose from and I’ll be changing the content all the time. Here’s what they are:

1. WELCOME: Me saying hi and thanks. Your time and interest are valuable.

2. INTERVIEWS: In the course of my work I come across many talented artists including directors, writers, DP’s, editors, graphic designers, art directors, and digital/social media specialists. Each week I’ll chat to someone new, ask them to share some learning and feature a couple of pieces of their work.

3. WHAT’S NEW: If I’ve done something worth sharing, I’ll post it here. I think it’s valuable not just to talk about branding, marketing or social media, but to demonstrate how you’re using it in practice.

4. INSPIRE: Each day I scour a lot of sources that give me inspiration and I’ll share the best of what I find here. Everything I post on my blog or Facebook will also be stored on my YouTube channel (MainwaringTV under the ‘Inspire’ play-list), so you can always find something you saw if you need it.

5. REEL: This is the shameless self promotion bit where I post ads or films from my reel that I think are decent.

Now to break the ice I thought I’d share an excerpt from a talk I gave about social media to the METal group in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. It includes a brief introduction, some background and an explanation of how I ended up caught naked outside my hotel room in New York (that would be the “revealing” bit).

My aim with these videos, my YouTube channel and in fact all my tweets and posts is to further the creative conversation. I hope you enjoy them and, as always, all comments are welcome!

(Clearly I’m not alone…)


Photo: Spencer Tunick

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