Pure Process: An insider’s guide to the business of advertising thinking

If there’s one quality that defines Deborah Morrison Phd and W. Glenn Griffin Phd, it’s a passion for creativity. It’s a passion for ideas, how they are generated and how to put them in the service of marketing. So much so they asked a bunch of us to try and explain how we come up with ideas to help our clients. The result is a wonderful book that celebrates the diversity of approaches to the business of thinking.

The Creative Process Illustrated is full of hard won lessons and insights from ad vets (greats like David Kennedy, Glen Cole and Hal Curtis) who have created some of the most memorable advertising campaigns. Plus at their site, Pure Process, you can see connect with leading psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, ad star and the author of FascinateSally Hogshead,  Seth Godin (as if he needs an introduction) and Russell Davies, one of the smartest and most entertaining planners around, plus many others.

A book like this has been a long time coming. Now more than ever we need to have faith in our own individual creative processes to unlock the solutions your client, industry, country and world needs. What’s required is a rebirth of innovation to help us rise to the challenge of so many crises screaming at us from newspaper headlines each day. The creative class across all industries has pressing responsibilities to weigh in.

So thanks to Deborah and Glenn for creating such an inspiring book and for graciously including me. For an ad guy who’s been around the houses there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing young people come up with great ideas and no doubt this book will inspire lots of that.

Here’s the Pure Process site and how to follow them on twitter: Pure ProcessProf. MorrisonAsst. Prof. Griffen.  You can vote for their SXSW panel and here’s where to grab the book.