Social media strategies that build your community and business

Infographic by Fast Company

I thought this was a great collection of social media principles to live by when it comes to engaging your community and motivating them to work with your brand to fulfill a common purpose. I also wanted to add a few of my own and please feel free to add more in your comments.

1. An undefined brand is unsharable.

2. Stop selling and start caring.

3. Be the celebrant, not celebrity, of your community.

4. Scale intimacy.

5. Listen loudly, speak softly, respond quickly.

6. See fan action not acquisition.

7. The future of profit is purpose.

8. Social technology is teaching us to be human again.

9. Become a community architect.

10. Seek personal fulfillment before financial gain.

If you like to understand how to integrate these myriad principles into a step-by-step plan that allows you to inspire your customer community to build your business with you, click here.

Now please add any other social media rules that your’ve unearthed in your practices that have help you build your business and have a social impact. Together we can build an exhaustive listen of collective wisdom that can help accelerate all our community building.

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