Thank you to everyone for supporting the launch of We First

From everyone here at We First, huge thanks for the incredible support with the We First book launch last week.

To everyone who bought a copy of the book, who tweeted or retweeted the book’s message, who shared the launch film, who passed on the TEDxSF talk, or who posted an Amazon review, the successful launch would not have been possible without you.

We First is an idea that no one can own and that exists in the collective, and the community launch was a powerful demonstration of a community working together.

Most importantly, the launch has helped raise the awareness of this conversation in the minds of consumers and business leaders so we can work towards scaling social change.

This work has just begun, but with so many leading brands setting an inspiring example, and so many consumers deeply engaged, there is great hope for the future.

Thanks to everyone that helped make the start of this journey so promising. You have our commitment to keep working together to build a better world.