The first ever We First Social Branding Seminar!

Today is super exciting because we’re announcing the first We First Social Branding Seminar to be held in Los Angeles on February 1-2, 2012.

We’re holding a seminar for one simple reason: to give large brands, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, start-ups and personal brands the absolutely critical information and skills they need to survive and succeed in this tough economy and fast changing social business marketplace. That means:

– Helping brands build customer communities that grow their business with them and increase their profits.

– Defining a brand’s purpose clearly and consistently so it resonates loudly and meaningfully with their customers.

– Identifying the most effective social media tactics and strategies to ensure that social media works for, and not against, your brand.

– Building your business, brands and marketing around a purpose that has a positive impact on leadership, your employees, your customer community and society at large.

What’s so different about the seminar is that I’ll bring together two complementary skills sets that you normally can’t find together – brand storytelling and social technology – and it’ll be structured in a way that everyone who attends walks out with a Social Branding Blueprint for their business that they can act on.

I’ll be sharing all the lessons I learned working at many of the world’s top ad agencies on Fortune 500 brands, all the research into the latest in mobile gaming and social technologies that went into We First, all the experience from the last 11 years of consulting on major brands, and all the insights from my contributions to Mashable, Huffington Post, Forbes, GOOD magazine and Fast Company as to what to expect from the future.

The ambition here is to take the message of We First, the book, and start providing a growing number of tools and training to show brands how to succeed in the social business marketplace and have a positive social impact. Plus to start building a community of We First brands that understand social business, that support each other, and that want to do well and make a difference.

If you’re interested in coming to the seminar, please click this link and register now as spots are limited. This is just the beginning of how We First is going to support your success and positive impact, and we’d love you to be a part of it.