The future of TV, advertising and social media by Dan Wieden

Having had the privilege of working at Wieden & Kennedy in Portland for several years on Nike, there’s little else that I could offer that has more value than the insights of Dan Wieden himself. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of Founder’s Day last weekend, and over 1500 employees gathered for a fantastic love fest that is, again, a function of Dan and Dave’s inspiring leadership.

To achieve such unparalleled worldwide creative success is extraordinary. To create a corporate culture that inspires such zealous devotion is doubly so. With enormous respect to Dan and Dave, and all those who have shaped their brand, here is a new video of incredible insights from the man himself as part of the 2020 ‘Future of TV’ series. You won’t find a better creative mind, pop culture channeler, and straight talking, all out, great guy. Enjoy.