Top ten posts of 2010

Image: Ukhwah Online

As the year screeches to a halt I wanted to thank everyone for their comments, retweets, and feedback. Some posts resonated more than others, some start a fire storm of different opinions, and some fizzled out with a strange gurgling sound. But here’s the ten posts that were shared the most and all the  support is hugely appreciated.

10. Why social media makes brands do good

9: Consumers are the new ad agency

8: Do ad agencies have a future and if so what does it look like?

7: The future of shopping: What happens when walls start talking

6: How brands use social media to re-invent themselves from the inside out

5: Why brands need fan action, not fan acquisition

4: The two most powerful words in social media: Thank you

3: Top ten reasons social media should not and will not kill traditional advertising

2: Top ten ways social media is teaching us to be human again

1: Social media explained by a 9-year-old in one sentence

It’s fitting that the post that was most popular turned on a single sentence written by a 9-year-old writing simply and honestly. From the mouth of babes! Have a wonderful New Year’s celebration with your friends and family and here’s to a fantastic 2011. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!