Top ten posts of 2012

The sun is finally setting on the year and I wanted to thank everyone for their support of the We First blog. These are the ten most popular posts of the year so I thought they would be of interest in case you missed any. It’s always enlightening to see which posts resonates most with others.

If you want greater sales through social media in 2013, start by building your reputation

Why the most selfish thing you can do in 2013 is think of your community first

Top ten characteristics of brands that will succeed in 2013

What social customers will demand from your brand in 2013

3 keys to social branding success for small businesses

Why your brand’s survival depends on these 3 new charts

Why social media is critical to the future of TV

What a day in the life of twitter reveals about your brand

How social media turns the smartest CMO’s into Chief Customer Advocates

The #1 oversight in social media community building

thanks for the time you take to read and share the posts and here’s to even greater collaboration next year.

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