Top ten reasons to buy We First

An investment in a book these days has to add value to your life. Not just because of the expense, but more so because of your investment of time. With that in mind I wanted to share ten reasons to read We First and to offer my thanks in advance for your support of its message:

1. The multiple global crises we face are too great for any one person, company or country to solve alone.

2. We now live in an intimately connected, mutually dependent global community which necessitates we change the way we think and behave as business people and citizens.

3. By giving consumers tools to be heard, social media has permanently transformed the business marketplace.

4. A community driven marketplace necessitates a completely different type of leadership.

5. Brands must now become day traders in social emotion if they wish to manage their reputations.

6. The only way to attract and retain the best employees is by demonstrating that you are a company where people want to work.

7. The advent of the personalized web means that the only way for a brand to appeal to an individual’s filter is on the basis of shared values.

8. Consumers expect their brands to contribute towards social good and will take their business elsewhere if they do not get it.

9. Consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and organized in their use of social technology to help achieve the change they want to see in the world.

10. The future of profit is purpose because brand relevance can only be found on the basis of shared values.  The only companies that survive and thrive will be those that put the well being of their brand community and the world at large first.

As unfamiliar and disorienting as many of these reasons may seem, I wrote We First to help brands take advantage and profit from these new dynamics. Today’s marketplace is either a cause for great concern or an extraordinary opportunity. We First is your guidebook as to how to ensure it is the latter. Not only will you and your company benefit but so will the world at large.

Order your copy of We First today and thanks for your support.