Unilever’s Marc Mathieu On Sustainability, Marketing, and Storytelling that Inspires Action

Marc Mathieu, VP of Marketing at Unilever was a keynote speaker at the 2014 We First Brand Leadership Summit in October. We sat down with Marc and asked him to take us through the strategic thinking behind Unilever’s, ‘Sustainable Living’ platform and how it informs the storytelling they do as marketers. In his conversation with We First’s, Sarah Backhouse he shares:

  • how the company is integrating sustainability and marketing
  • the role of conviction in the complex sustainability journey
  • the integration of the company and product brands within the brand positioning statement
  • aligning the company purpose and corporate brand
  • how to engage its employees around sustainability
  • the missing ingredient of most marketing and storytelling
  • finding and sharing a brand truth and how to bring it to life
  • brand storytelling that inspires consumers to take action
  • the opportunity to engage youth at scale to make a social and environmental impact
  • movement building as a brand and how to make a difference in the world

As one of the world’s leaders in sustainability and effective storytelling, Unilever inspires all brands to positively impact the world and thanks so much to Marc for his invaluable insights.

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