What a day in the life of twitter reveals about your brand

Diffbot‘s new Page Classifier API was used to provide this revealing snapshot of a day in the life of Twitter. The tool identifies the type of content behind any web link, and in this case, the Page Classifier analyzed 750,000 links posted on Twitter to create this infographic that inspires several questions for your brand.

1. If photos are shared more than anything else, how are you bringing your brand to life through single images? And are you spreading them across multiple channels such as Twitter and Instagram?

2. Articles made up less than 20% of the the sharing, so are you placing too much emphasis on blog posts and not enough on other media such as You Tube?

3. Are you constantly adjusting the media mix of your brand content to reflect how your target audience like s to share and then monitoring the results to manage its effectiveness?

Social media engagement requires constant recalibration in relation to three key elements:

1. Your target audience

2. Their sharing habits

3. New social technologies

Ignore any one of these three and you dramatically limit the effectiveness of your outreach and rob yourself of the real power of social media when your customers are inspired to share your brand, services and products with others using their own social channels.

Which of the three above are your failing to consider? What is one step you could take to address this oversight?