Building a We First community

Three years ago, Kevin Kelly (author of What Technology Wants) wrote a very insightful post entitled 1000 True Fans. He explained how, for true influence, an artist doesn’t need one million followers. All he or she needs is 1000 loyal fans. The same of true of any movement for change.

Today marks one week until the launch of the book, We First. As many of you know, the purpose of the book is to celebrate the community of brands, businesses, non-profits, social entrepreneurs and regular people who are looking at the world as a global community and actively working to improve the lives of others as well as themselves. As such, the message of We First is an important contribution to the ongoing conversations around global well being, the restoration of our economy, and our hopes for the future.  That’s why I’m reaching out to you for help.

We First is not an idea anyone can own. By definition it only exists in the collective. It also requires a community-based launch whether you’re a brand manager, advertising expert, non-profit leader, social entrepreneur of concerned citizen.

We’re hoping to enlist the support of brands who share the message with their employee base. Non-profit organizations who reach out their own communities, advertising agencies that reach their employees and clients, as well as social entrepreneurs and individuals who are willing to share this message with their family, friends, followers and fans.

All we ask is that you tweet, post, blog and email about the book to your community to help raise the volume of the conversation about how the private sector can scale social change. If you do want to help, here’s a link to a Resources Page that includes everything you could need.

We so appreciate your support and, by doing so, your voice will join others using social media to have a positive impact on our world.