Social media and your place in it: ‘Connection Generation’ by Iggy Pintado review and giveaway

This week I’m giving away a copy of Iggy Pintado‘s Connection Generation. Inside Iggy reveals how the world’s new obsession with connectivity directly affects the success or failure of how we function in society, both in business and as individuals.

With ever increasing links between all facets of society, he stresses it’s important to understand how to fit into this new world. For instance, he breaks down connectors into four categories inviting us to identify our role. Are you a passive connector, selective connector, active connector or super connector? Once we define this we can better understand how to leverage our social networks, maximize our productivity and achieve both personal and business goals.

Pintado has written an insightful tool that makes sense of how we fit into this connected world. I’ll be giving away a copy of ‘Connection generation’ to someone who writes a comment this week and congrats to @qualitymiriam fro winning the signed copy of Gary Vee’s Crush It last week.