‘Socialnomics’ by Erik Qualman: Review and Giveaway

I saw Erik Qualman speak at SXSW this year and thought he was great. His book, Socialnomics, offers so many gems for brands and consumers trying to make sense of social media and how to use it.

In a world where traditional marketing strategies are becoming increasingly obsolete, Erik explains how businesses keep up. Social media can either strengthen or destroy a brand, it is changing the world of advertising, and it can eliminate inefficient marketing tactics by directly connecting businesses and customers. He includes compelling case studies as well as crystal clear explanations as to how and why social media is changing business and our economy.

If you haven’t read it yet, I think it’s really worth it. Or, make a comment on a blog post in the next week and hopefully you’ll be the one chosen at random to receive a free copy of the book. As always, it’s a small way to say thanks for your support.

Congrats also to last week’s winner of ‘Adland’: @SteffenStaeuber