Thank You Economy: How brands re-humanize themselves to build communities

Simon Mainwaring / Books / 8 years ago

This week I wanted to share Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book, Thank You Economy. In my mind, Gary’s book stands out for one important reason. When most brands consider engaging their customers using social media, they look to case studies and metrics to ensure the return on their investment will be worthwhile. Understandable, of course. Yet the biggest challenge social media often presents to corporations is not the need to master new metrics but rather to humanize themselves.

In past posts I have said that technology is teaching us to be human again, and what Gary Vaynerchuck offers in the Thank You Economy is an essential guide to the new dynamics at work between brands and consumers. In doing so, Gary talks about social media but also much more. He explains how brands re-humanize themselves by out-caring and out-loving their competition.  For example, Gary explains why small brands must act big, while big brands must act small to win over their community, and that both must be driven by a goal of establishing quality engagements rather than solely seeking quantity.

Thank You Economy does a critical job of demonstrating how consumers now co-author the stories that brands tell and why they must celebrate their communities if they hope to inspire their customers to go to work for them. I highly recommend buying Thank You Economy as an essential read for those who want to ensure that social media works for and not against them.

Do you think brands must re-humanize themselves in order to build communities? Do you think this is possible for larger brands or institutions?


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  2. Avatar Finn Reddig says:

    I think they should. If you want to build a community you better be part of it. And it’s hard to be part of a community if you act like a freaky alien. 😉 Your can’t be grateful enough when you have a good community management.

    1. Thanks, Finn. So agree. How you behave and communicate as a brand will
      determine the size and quality of community you build. Gary’s book is great
      for this. Thanks, Simon

  3. Simon I am impressed with your ability to discuss someone else’s book with as much passion as your own. It was a delight to meet you at #SXSW. BTW you nailed Gary’s message (she says with a little bit of jealousy at your writing style)

    1. Ha! Thanks, Michele. I’m so impressed by Gary’s directness and humanity. Not
      to mention his energy. Thanks.