‘What’s The Future of Business?’ by Brian Solis: A Must Read

I am always excited when Brian Solis comes out with a new book. As an avid reader of his blog, I have come to deeply respect his insights into social business and customer behavior and this new book is no exception.

Brian tackles masterfully that most thankless of tasks – predicting the future at a time when the scale and pace of technological change accelerates exponentially. In its wake, technology leaves bewildered business leaders, overstretched employees and time-poor consumers trying to choose between a dizzying array of platforms, networks and apps designed to make their life easier!

That’s why this book is so important for anyone seeking to keep pace with the market and hoping to capitalize on it. Ever mindful of the shape-shifting consumer purchasing journey, Solis unpacks an exciting new concept of shareable experience design offering a simplified model for truly effective consumer engagement that is at the heart of any future success for a company. More than that, he identifies four key moments of truth in the decision-making process and outlines how organizations can optimize those at each step to ensure success. here’s a sneak peek at those four moments:

1. Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)—Introduced by Google, it’s what people search and find after encountering the stimulus that directs their next steps.

2. First Moment of Truth (FMOT)—Introduced by P&G, it’s what people think when they see your product and it’s the impressions they form when they read the words describing your product.

3. Second Moment of Truth (SMOT) — It’s what people feel, think, see, hear, touch, smell, and (sometimes) taste as they experience your product over time. It’s also how your company supports them in their efforts throughout the relationship.

4. Ultimate Moment of Truth (UMOT)—A stage that Solis introduces that brings to light the importance of shared experiences and why organizations must first design them rather than just react. It’s that shared moment at every step of the experience that becomes the next person’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

By ensuring the best experience for the customer at each point, Solis reveals how such experience design can amplify customer relationships, drive work of mouth promotion and foster organic advocacy for your brand. In short, this is how you ensure future success and sales for your brand.

Not surprisingly, Solis practices what he preaches for the book itself is an experience. It’s  almost like the uninhibited love child of an analog book and mobile app complete with original artwork and an interactive format. It’s truly an experience in its own right.

Solis’s content and this book is a learning experience not to be missed. In fact, I recommend pre-ordering it immediately as, judging by the Amazon page where I ordered mine, lots of people are grabbing it. You can pre-order here B&NAmazoniTunes.

Brian is also doing something a little special when you order. If you send an email to Sarah Buhr with your proof of purchase (just don’t reveal any personal information) along with your address, he’ll send you a silver ‘End of Business As Usual’ bookmark. Nice!

As a long-time reader of Solis’s thinking, this book is literally your jump start on your future success. Don’t wait and pre-order it now.

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