Why our ability to believe precedes our capacity to achieve

Today I wanted to share with you a new book by Tim Sanders called Today We Are Rich.  I first heard about Tim when he wrote his New York Times bestselling book, Love is the Killer App.  Since then, I’ve known him to be an inspiring business leader and author and his latest book is a testament to that.

What Tim shares in Today We Are Rich is the ability to tap into the power that the right mindset can give you.  This involves filling your mind with confidence building thoughts, carefully choosing the words you use to build momentum behind a goal, preparing your mind for any challenge, and how to use the way you think to recover from any setbacks.

This message resonates specifically with me because I believe there is a deep connection between confidence and your ability to achieve your purpose. From my own experience I know that your chances of fulfilling our personal goals become almost nil if you don’t have the right mindset in place, which allows you to persist through the criticisms, setbacks and inevitable challenges along the way.

As we witness more brands doing meaningful social work and more companies restructuring themselves internally, we are also starting to see a very positive reframing of the way that CEOs and executives, employees and regular people think about their roles. As more business leaders commit to playing some type of role in scaling social change, they need to prepare themselves with the right mindset to get through the challenges along the way.

That’s why I think Tim’s book is so important.  Because the internal shift we make is a precursor to the external change we hope to achieve. The benefits you’ll enjoy are not just the realization of your goals, but personal fulfillment that only comes when you give of yourself to others. I recommend Today We Are Rich as a powerful tool to help us all get there, and congratulations to Tim on another wonderful contribution to how we more effectively prepare ourselves to build a better world.

Note: You can order Today We Are Rich here and follow Tim here.