5 great studies in how to use social media to rally support for social good

I’m a huge fan of the important work that the U.N. Foundation does and in the TEDx talk, Aaron Sherinian, VP for Public Relations, discusses 5 of the revolutions that he believes provide the context — and build the case — for a new approach to public engagement around social good and global progress.

Aaron cites the impact that social entrepreneurs and a new generation of empowered change makers can have in an era when: 1) an unprecedented generation of young people is alive; 2) the emerging power of mobile phones is changing the face of communications; 3) an increased focus on adolescent girls is forcing a new dialogue around development; 4) a fresh approach to philanthropy is changing the definition of the sector; and 5) a vibrant dialogue around social good offer new channels for global good. For more information on these initiatives, visit www.unfoundation.org

Aaron blogs at www.globalextrovert.com and is on Twitter at @ASherinian (Special thanks and photo credit to Platon for selected images of UN Foundation supporters used in this presentation.)

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