Changing the corporate giving game: Charity Miles app

Every month a raft of new apps appear to make your life easier. Fortunately, apps also appear to make the lives of others easier. And Charity Miles stands out for the way it makes giving seamless in one’s life. Here’s how it works.

1. The app allows an active person to choose which one of nine charities it wants to support, ranging from Habitat For Humanity to Feeding America the UN World Food Programme.

2. The athlete sets their iPhone on GPS to allow them to be tracked as they participate in their activity. Walkers and runners get 25 cents a mile, while bikers get 10 cents a mile that will go to their specified charity.

3. When they are done with their activity, they agree to be “sponsored” and their miles will be covered by a sponsor of Charity Miles.

4. A message can then be automated or edited to express to those on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook what the athlete accomplished along with a sponsor message.

This marriage of healthy activity is perfectly suited to employee volunteer programs and  empowers employees to build their brand’s reputation by promoting their own efforts. With giving seamlessly integrated into lifestyle or activity, the potential for scaling contribution is huge, to the benefit of those involved and the lives of those they change.

You can find the app on iTunes here and on Android.