Choose your favorite non-profit and then make its day

For-profit and non-profit partnerships are critical to the future of branding and sustainable capitalism. Yet both are facing different but complementary challenges.

For-profit brands must become more purposeful if they are to be meaningful to their customers lives inspiring loyalty goodwill and profits using social media.

Non-profits must become more effective storytelling that then leverage social technology to scale their important work and impact.

At We First, we are committed to making both of these possible.

That’s why every attendee at the We First Social Branding seminar to be held on February 1-2, 2012 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in California, gets a extra ticket to invite their favorite non-profit for free. That way non-profits only have to cover their travel/accommodation but no cost for the seminar.

That way, simply by attending the seminar and getting the expert training in BRAND STORY TELLING and SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY that you need for your brand, you’ll also be having a positive impact on our world. Plus both of you will walk away with a practical SOCIAL BRANDING BLUEPRINT that you can act on right away.

So register now as places are limited and the early bird price ends in November.

By learning how to tell your brand’s story, its purpose and values, you are doing the most effective thing you can to ensure your brand connects emotionally with its community, and by getting expert advice in social media you are ensuring that your amplify that message cost effectively.

By supporting a non-profit you are ensuring your brand is most meaninful to your customers and having a positive impact on our world.

So register now and then call your favorite non-profit and make their day. Then please share this post with other brands that would be interested in this training, and with non-profits who can find supporters, so we can support as many of them as possible.