Free Training Tuesday: 10 Steps to Leverage Customer Activism and Protect Your Brand

We hope you enjoyed last week’s Free Training Tuesday video all about the key technology trends that are reshaping brand engagement as we know it.

In today’s videoCustomer Activism, you’ll see that companies are now in a dynamic dialogue around accountability with their customers and how quickly an angered community can inflict devastating damage to your reputation, stock price, and sales, as both Netflix and Chick-fil-A discovered. You’ll learn:

-How social and mobile technology are fueling a new era of citizen and consumer activism

-10 steps for leveraging customer activism and protecting your social license to operate

The 8 C’s of community building you need to create an army of brand ambassadors

Watch today’s free training video and share it with your team. Here is a quick overview of the 10 steps to leverage customer activism and protect your brand:

1. Clearly define what your brand stands for (including core values).

2. Communicate that message to your employees and stakeholders.

3. Create services and products consistent with your brand’s purpose.

4. Use marketing to sell your brand’s vision of the future.

5. Ensure employees and customer service reflect this mission.

6. Apologize when you make a mistake.

7. Constantly monitor and incorporate customer feedback.

8. Inspire customers to become brand ambassadors.

9. Engage customers to co-create products, services, and marketing.

10. Periodically restate your brand’s purpose.

As a brand leader, you must now must rise to the task of both risk mitigation and reputation enhancement, and authentically position your brand on the right side of social needs so that individuals and your customer community want to see you succeed.

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