Free We First webinar: How your business becomes a contagious social brand

This year We First promised to deliver more valuable free training to help you build your brand reputation, community and positive social impact. So we’re very excited to announce the first free webinar in this new series to be held on Wednesday, April 17th at 11.00 – 12.30 pm PST.

The focus is a series of challenges that every company faces today. How do you reinvent yourself to tap into the power of new social technologies? How do you tell your brand story in a way that inspires customers to promote your brand? And how do you maintain your leadership over time in the face of today’s competitive and fast changing marketplace. So please join us and I’ll share the insights I’ve learned working on brands as diverse as Nike, Coca-Cola and Toyota.

What you will learn in the webinar includes:

– How to tell your brand story in a way that enhances your company’s reputation, employee productivity and customer engagement.

– How to avoid the number one storytelling mistake that brands consistently make

– How and why to differentiate your story from others in an increasingly crowded category and marketplace.

And you will walk away from the webinar with:

– The 8 steps you must take to become a brand that customers want to promote.

– How to sustain your customer community over the long term and avoid community attrition.

– How to maintain a leadership position and competitive advantage even as technology changes.

You’ll get an inside look to how leading companies tell their brand stories using social and mobile technologies in ways that scale their business and social impact.

So reserve your spot now and make sure you have any questions ready because we’ll be doing Q&A for a half hour at the end.

Plus if you have a clash at that time, be sure to still register as you’ll then get an on-demand copy to watch at your convenience.

We’re doing this series to make sure you get benefit of the best practices and insights of the industry and we’re committed to your success.

So register now and we look forward to connecting next week.

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