Happy New Year from We First

Simon Mainwaring / Brands / 8 years ago

What a year 2011 was! It was mad, fun, nerve-wracking, infuriating, surprising, depressing, stressful, joyous, exhausting, and more.

So much sobering news around the world, so much painful, heartfelt transformation, so much optimism in the face of challenges by millions of people around the world.

The year also saw the successful launch of the book, We First, for which I’m enormously grateful. The aim of the book was to share ideas that would have a tangible, positive impact on other’s lives. That would not be possible without a successful send off through your support. Here’s a few highlights of the response to the ideas about a re-purposed capitalism:

– New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon bestseller
– Amazon Top Ten Business Books of 2011
– strategy+business Best Marketing Book of 2011
– Nominated for 800 CEO READ Best Book Awards 2011

This truly was a team effort. Here’s are a few important thank you’s.

WE FIRST FAMILY: First off, thank you to my team at We First: Morgan, Ryan, Rick, Devin, Cameron, Natalie, Cole, Sid, Bill, Catherine, Bryan, Laura, and Sarah. Thank you for putting up with the emotional roller-coaster ride and for boot-stapping our way through the year together. I’m so glad you were my fellow passengers!

WE FIRST BOOK TEAM: We couldn’t have made any impact with We First without the incredible support of my agent, William Morris Endeavor, publisher, Palgrave Macmillan, and publicist, Fortier PR.

SPEAKERS: Thanks to the speakers who are going to make the start of 2012 so exciting. Our We First Social Branding Seminar is on February 1st and 2nd, 2012, in Los Angels and is going to be amazing. Carol Cone, Global Vice-Chair of Business + Social Purpose, and Robert Tercek, former President of Digital Meida at OWN, will be joining me in creating your own personal Social Branding Blueprint for 2012. If you can make it, don’t miss out as the work we are putting together for you is fantastic. Just click here to join us as there’s only a limited number of places.

SPONSORS: Thanks to our great sponsors for the Seminar that include Causecast, SocialVibe, HP. Your support is invaluable in making the event special.

UN FOUNDATION: Plus we are super excited to announce that the UN Foundation will also be a Platinum sponsor. As an organization we deeply respect, we are so proud to be working with you.

YOU: When I think of the amazing number of people I have met and chatted with through social media over the last year, I really start to appreciate how it enriches my life and purpose. Thank you so much for all your time, interest, feedback and encouragement. Yes, there’s a lot in our world that needs to change in our world, but things are trending in the right direction and together we can make significant shifts happen.

FAMILY: No one has ridden the 2011 roller-coaster ride with me more closely than my family. To my two kids, thanks for putting up with Daddy’s travel and for filling my life with joy. To my wife, you are a rock for all of us, an incredible mum, and a constant source of love.

As we’re handed the reins of 2012 its up to us to make it meaningful and memorable. This is my prediction of what to expect.

Here’s to bringing our best selves to the personal, professional and social challenges we face and, by seeing ourselves in each other, working together to build a world we can be proud of.

Happy New Year to all from everyone at We First!


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  1. Avatar winfredroger says:

    Late Happy New Year to you too “We First”!! I enjoyed the highlight of 2011 about a re-purposed capitalism. I hope 2012 will be another great year for “We First”. Thanks

    1. Thanks so much Winfred. Happy new Year to you too!

  2. Avatar Aunitedworld says:

    Help the WE Party Online Volunteer Mentors (www.we.net), and Occupy Wall Street go from 99% to 100%. It’s taken 4 months to go from 99% to 99 1/2%. Now, the WE Party Online Volunteer Mentors can help take them to 100% collective consciousness!

  3. Avatar Arlan says:

    The WE Party Mentors say “WE can make a difference” – “Yes WE can” – United WE stand” – “WE can be the change WE wish to see in theworld” – “In God WE trust” – “WE the people” – “WE are the world” – I’m proud to be an AmerWEcan” – “WE are family” – “WE believe” – “WEneed a media in this country that covers grassroots movements” – WE shall not be moved” – “All WE want is equity