Here we go…opening the Social Branding Blueprint for the first time together.

This is such an exciting week as We First launches for the first time ever it’s Social Branding Blueprint that

To that end We First has just launched for the first time ever its Social Branding Blueprint with a VERY SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE NEXT 72 HOURS ONLY. The Blueprint is a step-by-step training program shows entrepreneurs, start-ups and solo-preneurs how to tell their brand story and use social media to build their reputation, customers and social impact just like a Fortune 50 brand without having to pay a fortune for the expertise.

This program incorporates all my experience from consulting on brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, Motorola, Toyota and the X Prize Foundation, to the insights from my New York Times bestseller We First, to the blogging I do for Forbes, Mashable and Fast Company, all structured in a simple, 8-step training program to transform your business into a powerful social brand.

We created this program because the web, social media and smartphones are transforming how we reach, engage and sell to our customers, and so you must become a social brand or risk being a casualty of technology. That’s why everyone from President Obama to Lady Gaga to Coca-Cola, as well as almost every advertisement you see, has embraced social media. This is simply the reality of doing business and reaching customers today.

The program reveals the best practices of the world’s top brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Starbucks, so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed by social media and use these insights to massively build your business whether you’re a speaker, author, trainer, consultant, advisor, practitioner, start-up or small business owner. And as entrepreneurs we work too hard not to succeed and we deserve the rewards that scalable technologies like the web, social media and smartphones make possible like never before. These are all the strategies we employed to drive the rapid growth of We First over the last 18 months and we want to share them with you.

Just imagine the bigger stages you could speak on, the thousands of extra people you could train, the countless word of mouth referrals, or the larger companies, projects or fees you could command if you got the same marketing support as the top brands in the world. That’s what this program does by showing you how to define your brand story and inspire your customers to buy, promote and build your business with you.

A snapshot of the one of a kind We First online training program.

We are launching the Social Branding Blueprint with a VERY SPECIAL OFFER FOR THENEXT 72 HOURS ONLY:

The special price Social Branding Blueprint is $1997. What you get includes all of the following:

– Physical Training Program (Value: $2000) that includes an 8 DVD Set, 300 Slide Set, Full Transcripts, Workbook

– Exclusive Online Training Program (Value: $2000)

– Free Non-Profit Online Access (Value: $2000)

– Two Free Seminar Tickets (Value: $4000 one ticket for a non-profit)

– Three Q&A Teleseminars (Value: $1000)

So the TOTAL VALUE is $11,000 but the promotional price is $1997 for the NEXT 72 HOURS ONLY. You can get your Blueprint immediately at:

This means for $1997 you get the physical and online training program for yourself, plus you get to contribute to a non-profit and get 3 months of ongoing support through the teleseminars and live training seminar in April 2013.

With the right brand storytelling and social media strategies you can propel your business exponentially in 2013 but your need a roadmap and a guide. We First is deeply committed to your success, to empowering you to support non-profits, and to helping the private sector build a better world. So get your Blueprint for business success right now at: