How to take a social media platform and turn it on it’s head

I recently wrote about what the famously creative brand, Uniqlo, did to make Pinterest their own and last week we saw another example emerge but this time for a very worthy cause.

UNICEF demonstrated an inspired moment of creativity when they tapped into the undeniable materialism and self-interest of platforms such as Pinterest and The Fancy, and turned them on their head by dramatizing the humble desire of a 13-year old girl in Sierra Leone.

The effort was far more than shock value as Pinterest users could click on any of the photos of what she wished for and make a donation to realize that hope.

In so doing UNICEF threw into stark relief the relative luxury of so many first world lives giving pause to the tireless obsession with “more.” It’s this simplicity, creativity and directness that is required to cut through the clutter both in the for-profit and non-profit world.

As we each strive to make our brands more purposeful and our non-profits better marketers, let’s mine each new social technology for fresh opportunities to point out fundamentally human and timeless truths that transcend the latest platform. Only then can they be enlisted to serve those in need as well as our latest wants. To achieve this consider three keys steps:

1. Identify the core values that underpin the platform.

2. Ideate around how to leverage platform’s values to highlight your brand values.

3. Invite your community to share with others to spread awareness of the contrast.

To support Ami and UNICEF, click here.

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