How your brand wins over empowered customers to profit from social commerce

Simon Mainwaring / Brands / 7 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at there First Data ‘Engaging Today’s Empowered Customer’ Summit in New Orleans where we discussed in detail the shifts that financial institutions, credit card associations, and merchants across all industries must make in order to command the attention of the social customer and earn the loyalty, trust, and goodwill that translates to profit. We discussed the new co-creative relationships between brands and customers, the importance of authentic purpose, and the ability of brands to architect communities that build their business with them. Here’s my answers to a few questions including the pitfalls, trends, and rewards of social commerce.

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  1. Avatar Mafrick17 says:

    You are a dick and I am going to analyze why based on your article on Forbes about the Facebook IPO. On your list #6 makes no sense. Mark being arrogant has nothing to do with everyone being a student of the future. Number 7 is about loss of privacy and responsibility. How does companies stealing peoples information have anything to do with responsibility? Most ridiculous of all is #10. For thousands of years people survived without the Internet or any technology yet you say a need has been there. If you are really “friends” with someone you would pick up the phone and call them. Facebook is a sick addiction for most people and a money making scheme for others like yourself. I am in no way against Facebook and think the idea of it is genius. Mark deserves every dollar he made but Facebook has been on a steady decline since advertising on the website started. You should write a book about making a selling a good product.