Inspiring productivity: How to build trust with employees that drives business success

Simon Mainwaring / Brands / 6 years ago

Last year I shared a sample social contract between a brand and its customers as a demonstration of how a company builds a community around shared values and a common purpose, the goal being to not only build a better world but to inspire customers to help build your business with you.

In addition, I shared the Manifesto, Values and Beliefs of We First in the hope that they would help you frame a company and community culture that would drive your bottom line and social impact.

The companion piece to these documents is the agreement you make with your employees who are obviously responsible for how well your company does. So having finalized the workplace rules of working at We First, I wanted to share them with you in case they are useful to your business. The goal here is to create a culture in which people want to give your their best, both because they are happy and because they believe in the values of the company. So here are the workplace rules at We First.

1. Write down what you want for yourself at work over the next 6 and 12 months, share with the team, and hold yourself and us accountable.

2. Tell the team your frustrations with clients, co-workers or life at weekly meetings. We can’t help if we don’t know.

3. Never compromise your exercise regime or diet due to work. If there’s too much to do, we’ll get more help.

4. If you need a change of scene, work outside or in a coffee shop. Just take your phone.

5. Ride your bike at lunchtimes. The wind wipes away stress.

6. If there’s no client coming in, wear what you want. Sliding in socks is recommended.

7. If you’re tired, tap a nap in your office or the hammock. We need you happy and sharp.

8. Decorate your office to make it your own. It should reflect you, not your work.

9. If there’s a cause you really care about tell us so we can support it.

10. Never worry about credit or ownership of work. It will always be We First on everything.

By empowering your employees to succeed you create success for your company, and while this may seem miles away from the corporate hierarchical structure and dynamics of the past, when we start to treat our employees like human beings they deliver their best for you and your business.

Do you believe such employee treatment too indulgent or a path to productivity?

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  1. Avatar Renee Harrington says:

    I believe that such employee treatment is both; too indulgent for the wrong employee and a path to productivity for the right employee. Everyone is different and is motivated by different things. Knowing what motivates potential employees and hiring the right people would make for a team that could be both indulged just a little bit (cause we like that) and extremely productive.

    1. Avatar Simon Mainwaring says:

      Renee, that’s a great point. It can be abused and be a little reckless. You have to vet people in the hiring process to ensure their values are in alignment in the first place. Thanks so much for bringing this up. Simon

  2. Avatar Asset Point says:

    If you want empower your employees, this will be like an extra burden on them and it will definitely effect the productivity, for best results provide them a relaxing environment.