MC Hammer on how brands use social media to build communities


Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the Gravity Summit at UCLA where MC Hammer received the award for Social Marketer of the Year. As a celebrity brand on twitter (@MCHammer) that has amassed over 2 million active and engaged followers, and he now speaks all around the world about how brands use social media to build communities. He is also deeply engaged in philanthropy supporting several causes including:

▪                American Red Cross (

▪                Feed the Children (

▪                Train the Troops MMA (

▪                LA Net (

▪                Victor Pineda Foundation (

In his short speech he provided insights into several specific topics including:

▪                How brands reinvent themselves using social media

▪                The evolution of social media in recent years

▪                The challenge of convincing brands to use social media

▪                The difference between creating relevance and influence

He was very generous with his time and  served as a powerful demonstration of how you need to invest time and interest in your audience and communicate authentically with them. I hope you enjoy the video.