Signposts From Big Brands: How to Rapidly Build Your Company in 2015

The web, social media, and smart phones have created a media landscape that is more fractured than ever. At the same time, they have facilitated a dialogue between companies and consumers that has led to new demands for authenticity, transparency, and accountability. As a result, smarter marketers and big brands are making three key strategic shifts:

1. Purpose is driving profit: Whether it’s a B2B company like IBM talking about how a better world is being ‘Made by IBM,’ or a small fast-casual restaurant chain like Chipotle stealing market share by promoting ‘Food with Integrity,’ it is clear that Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z prefer brands doing good.

2. Futures need rewriting: Sometimes a strategic shift requires blunt action. CVS Caremark just banned the sales of tobacco products, renamed itself CVS Health, and launched a nationwide ‘Quit smoking’ campaign. Meanwhile, Axe deodorant owned by Unilever (who also makes Dove with its ‘Real Beauty’ campaign), shifted its marketing away from objectifying women to ‘Make love. Not war.’ Both demonstrated the need for a brand to reposition the company, products and marketing to respond to new business drivers.

3. Customers build brands: The rapid rise of GoPro and its very successful IPO turned on the fact that the brand was built by its customers sharing their videos, rather than by a slick ad campaign. The same can be said of the very successful ALS fundraising campaign that gave each participant a very demonstrative way to show their commitment and nominate other participants.

These are but three of the key strategic shifts that start-ups and high-growth companies must make to their marketing inspire employees, partners, and customers to build their business with them.

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Signposts from big brands: How to rapidly build your company in 2015

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