The We First community: Where social technology meets social change

Image: Luke Stettner

The We First concept refers to the intimately connected global community that we now live in. But it also refers to a community of  brands, cause-marketers, social entrepreneurs and regular people all around the world who have individually committed to driving social change. Every individual effort deserves to be celebrated because each serves as a permission slip for others to do the same. And only by working together can we hope to achieve the scale of positive change we need to meet the challenges we currently face with equal force, whether they be poverty, child mortality, clean water, renewable energy, climate change or damage to the environment.

So moving forward, that’s what the We First blog will do. Each day I’ll give a Twitter shout out to a different member of this community of people thinking and acting in a We First way. Each week there’ll be a more in depth post about a company, community or individual effort that is remaking our world. And as often as possible I will interview change makers to share what they’re doing and how they are achieving effective results.

What such We First behavior looks like will vary. It may be an app that allows people to contribute more easily such as with SwipeGood.  Or a celebrity who is using their popular appeal to enlist the support of their legion of fans around a cause like Alicia Keys. And, of course, it will include brands that are demonstrating an authentic commitment to social change in alignment with their core values such as Pepsi, Starbucks, P&G, Nike or Wal-Mart and many exciting newcomers.

We find ourselves at a unique, historical moment at which social technology and social change are intersecting in a way that allows us to scale our response to many global crises.  My hope is that we all share these tweets and posts to amplify the recognition and support for each company or person that is mentioned. We are smarter together, more creative together, and more effective together than we are alone. By uniting around these change-agents, by connected around our shared values, by creating a community that motivates others to join them, we can build a more prosperous and sustainable world for all.

What brands, entrepreneurs or individuals do you think demonstrates a We First worldview? How do you think we can support them?