Top ten attributes for 2011

Over the next two weeks many of us get a chance to reflect on the year that was and prepare ourselves for the following year. With that in mind here are ten attributes that would prepare us well for the social marketplace of 2011:

1. Agility in your business model: As new social technology continues to challenge business models, profit centers and marketing strategies, your business must constantly adapt to change.

2. Appetite for risk: In a marketplace that is constantly shifting, risk tolerance becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

3. Clarity of purpose: Every brand must serve as its own compass in order for customers to know who you are as the marketplace constantly shifts.

4. Alignment with core values: Alignment between who you say your brand is and what you do is critical if you hope to earn customer loyalty, goodwill and word of mouth advertising.

5. Highly evolved listening skills: The dialogue between brands and consumers will increasingly be driven by media and technology-savvy customers who readily share what they want , need or expect from their brands.

6. Fascination with emerging technology: As mobile, gaming and social technology intersect there are enormous opportunities for business leaders ready and willing to embrace new technology, products, markets and customers.

7. Willingness to share brand stewardship with customers: Sharing the stewardship of a brand with your customers does not mean a loss of control but merely new communication dynamics that must be accepted, learned and mastered.

8. Fervent entrepreneurial spirit: Every business leader must rediscover that drive that helped them start their business in the first place and tap into that spirit to re-invent themselves.

9. Investment in social currency: Reputation management is a full-time job that affects everything from brand awareness to customer loyalty to profits and is becoming an increasingly complex art.

10. Commitment to contribution: If your brand wants to be sharable within a global community or across the social web it must demonstrate its commitment to others.

Is there anything you would add? Do you disagree with any of them? Have a wonderful holiday with friends and family in the coming days.