What defines your social brand and how that defines your success

As We First moves into its new offices in heart of Silicon Beach in Venice, California, I wanted to share perhaps the most important item in the new space. These are the We First Values, Beliefs and Manifesto mounted on the wall. It’s amazing how important these things are to remind us what we are doing, what choices to make and why we are doing it. I’m sharing these in case they might be useful in how your frame your company, its culture and mission. It’s amazing what dividends this brings to you and others.

We First Values

1. We care deeply.

2. We listen loudly.

3. We learn constantly.

4. We work hard.

5. We stay humble.

6. We make mistakes.

7. We have fun.

8. We celebrate creativity.

9. We demonstrate integrity.

10. We scale change.

We First Beliefs 

1. An inter-dependent, global community requires an expanded definition of self-interest.

2. The future of profit is purpose.

3. Technology is teaching us to be human again.

4. Consumers want a better world, not just better widgets.

5. Brands must become architects of community.

6. Brands must become day traders in social emotion.

7. The evolution of revolution is contribution.

8. We cannot separate living and giving to build a better world.

9. Life’s necessities must generate the necessities for life.

10. Prosperity is not the wealth of a few but the well-being of many.

We First Manifesto

We First is a way of looking at the world.

It asserts that we now live in an intimately connected and mutually dependent, global community.

It recognizes that selfish Me First thinking hurts ourselves, business, people we care about, millions of lives and the planet.

It embraces the seismic impact of digital and social technology that is transforming our professional and personal lives.

It accepts the challenge of millions of consumers who want brands to be a force for change in return for their loyalty, goodwill and purchases.

It believes that this unprecedented collision of global needs and personal wants, of human emotion and social technology, of powerful brands and newly empowered consumers has the potential to transform our world.

We First, the company, works with brands that recognize that their best interests are served by helping others.

It provides them with the most effective strategies, creativity and technology to build their brand reputation, profits and positive social impact.

By working at the intersection of business, social technology and social change we can achieve our highest professional goals and build a better future.

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