What you must know about today’s new social marketplace, customer and marketing

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If you’re a speaker, author, trainer or consultant (as I am) you’re constantly thinking of ways to grow your customers and business with a limited budget and resources. Yet the social business marketplace and technology are changing so quickly it’s easy to feel anxious, stuck or overwhelmed.

On top of that you have little time for branding or marketing because you have the daily demands of running a business to handle like payroll, endless emails and trying not to eat your lunch at your desk just one day a week. (Alright, once a month!)

Faced with the same situation, I applied many of the lessons studying social media for my book, We First, and the practical insights from my consulting to Fortune 50 brands, and applied those very consciously and strategically to my very small business.

As a result in the last 18 months I’ve been able to launch a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestseller; build a speaking career from zero to keynoting in London, Brazil, Sydney and throughout the United States for world-class fees; grow a social media community of over 50,000+ fantastic supporters; blog for industry-leading magazines like Fast Company, Mashable and Forbes; and consult for dozens of brands from Fortune 50 companies like Coca-Cola to non-profits like the X Prize Foundation to numerous tech start-ups.

I share all this not to big note myself but to say that I’ve so appreciated the chance to work hard and learn, but realize that most solo-preneurs don’t have access to these strategic insights to build their brands. Without them, it’s very easy to become a casualty of technology because you don’t build your brand and customer community fast enough. So I put together a series of three short video training that share these insights so you can build your business more effectively. They’re absolutely free and cover:

1. NEW MARKETPLACE: Critical insights into today’s new social business marketplace and the trends that are empowering some solo-preneurs to exponentially succeed.

2. NEW CONSUMER: The is video explain what your customers want from you so your can actually inspire them to talk about your brand using their own social media channels.

3. BEST PRACTICES: One of the fastest way to grow your small business is to use the same strategies that the smartest brands in the world are using so I put a video together about their most effective strategies.

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